Thursday, June 23, 2011

new disc soon on 'another timbre'

the great UK label, Another Timbre, will be releasing by mid-July a cd containing some of my playing. It is a beautiful recording featuring myself, Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes, and comprising of two pieces of improvisation and a realisation of John Cage's 'Four6'. The title chosen for the cd is No Islands and it will be part of a series of cds on the same label -released simultaneously- called Silence and After.

at46  No Islands  |  John Cage’s Four6 + 2 improvisations by Stephen Cornford [amplified piano] / Patrick Farmer [turntable & electronics] / Sarah Hughes [chorded zither] / Kostis Kilymis [electronics]

The music was recorded late March in Oxford by Simon Reynell and for myself it is a great memento from a handful of very fruitful days I spent with Patrick and Sarah back then, working on a bulk of music that walked the fine line between free improvisation and the realisation of open scores.

Many thanks to Patrick & Sarah; Simon for recording and making the music available; Michael Pisaro for the score that he wrote for us but one that we unfortunately couldn't capture in all its beauty; Q-O2 in Belgium; etc, etc...

other cds to be released on the same series:

Tierce. Jez riley French, Daniel Jones, Ivan Palackẏ.
Divisions that may be autonomous but that comprise the whole. Performed by James Saunders, Tim Parkinson, Angharad Davies, Philip Thomas, Rhodri Davies, Stephen Chase, Edges Ensemble.

Droplets. Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes. Improvisation & realisations of scores by Eva-Maria Houben and Taylan Susam
A Pauper’s Guide to John Cage & Early Morning Melancholia. Anett Németh.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kostis Kilymis, Leif Elggren 12"

[then they are totally sealed secrets]
Kostis Kilymis, Leif Elggren
1-sided 12"
Firework Edition Records / Excrete Music

Kostis Kilymis - electronics, objects
Leif Elggren - voice, text and dance

december 2010, we were all in Xanthi for Nicolas Malevitsis' "bye-bye butterfly" festival (aka: the closing down of all absurd operations), where I was to collaborate with none other than legendary swedish artist Leif Elggren. As usual, I had very few ideas on how our collaboration could turn out, only thing I knew was that Leif was only going to be reading from his texts and I would have to fill in the rest of the sounds. I guess lack of preconceptions helped in getting both our minds and spirits at the same place by the time of the actual performance, and the result was this powerfull 14 minutes of music that you can now find pressed to vinyl. Thanks to Leif & Nicolas for pushing the release forward.

I have few copies now myself, but you're better off getting it from Firework Edition Records or select distributors wwide

Friday, June 3, 2011

sister overdrive

saturday june 11 : 21:00
at cinematheque, bios
peiraiws 84, athens

angelos kyriou

saturday june 18 : 20:30
xanthi folk museum, backyard
in the old city of xanthi