Friday, January 28, 2011


6daEXIt rehearsal 24-1-2011 from alexis porfiriadis on Vimeo.

6daEXIt Rehearsal 17-1-2011 from alexis porfiriadis on Vimeo.

during the past couple of months, i've been participating in the regular rehearsals held by the 6daEXIt improvisation ensemble here in thessaloniki (the name of the ensemble translates phonetically to the greek word for 66, while of course toying with the word 'exit'). The ensemble started off in 2007 at the local university, as the offshoot of a music improvisation course at the department of music studies. The group's actions have music as their point of departure, but regularly include live painting, dance and some playing with light as well. Along with two laptop musicians who joined-in at the same time as i did, we re-intoduced electronics into the enseble's palette, and as a result the improvisations are now examining new areas and of course different kind of relationships between sounds.

Monday, January 3, 2011

syndromes sister overdrive track in compilation

a track by 'syndromes sister overdrive' (my duo with giannis kotsonis, more here) is now available in the 2nd annual protos orofos compilation.

protos orofos is an anti-venue in thessaloniki greece. Its compilations are cds available from free locally, and as downloads from the venue's website here.

the syndromes sister overdrive track was recorded during our concert there in october 2009, and it's called "μωβ και πράσινο" (that's "purple and green" for all you non-greek folks).