Tuesday, November 3, 2009

syndromes - temporary perspectives

'temporary perspectives' is a set of recordings i'd been working on, on and off for a good part of 2008 and 2009. The pieces only fell in place last spring and some of the mixes kept me occupied during the summer months and early autumn.

contrary to previous studio-based constructions, this one can lay claim to a general "theme" in that it expressly focuses on the experience of biorythms and issues of human perception. It's interesting to see where things will go from here, seeing that -after 'perspectives'- i've been focusing more an more on untampered improvised playing. Though more immediate and 'true', my current practice makes it more difficult to translate these specific issues/feelings into sound. Somehow inconvenient, but welcome as a challenge.

I've been making some tentative attempts to present this disc to some music labels, for the moment i can present here an excerpt from the first track:

less surface noise (excerpt) by syndromesuploadcloud

[credits: field recordings, sine waves, computer data, lloopp, electric guitar, tremolo pedal, condenser microphone, contact microphone, mixing board]

photography by fotini lazaridou-hatzigoga, with permission and thanks