Thursday, August 26, 2010

the old and the new

before i start a projected "avalance" of posts (by the standards of this blog anyway), thought i'd put up an oldie, something i'm still quite proud of, despite its very "basic" construction:

1.14 (slow ascension) by syndromesuploadcloud

this is pretty much the first thing i ever did. it was made using an apple powerbook's internal microphone + audacity. first appeared here . different version appeared later on my ".accumulated" cdr [organized music from thessaloniki, 2008]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

nn+ soundcheck

here's a recording that rounds up the previous two posts i've put up. it doesn't contain any sound from the performance (you can check the video if you want a taste of the juicy parts), but consists instead of a quick recording i did while setting up our equipment.

NN+ soundcheck by syndromesuploadcloud

the whole story goes a little bit like this: michalis kyratsous, corinna triantafyllidis & knot were organizing the TOT1.0 festival which would consist of perfrormances from two visiting musicians, a strong presence of local musicians and the usual cross-polination. In the process they thought it'd be a good idea to have some kind of dj set to open the fest; a different kind of dj set, though one that would add some spice to the usually clinical mood of improv nights. For this reason they called up nicolas malevitsis & nektarios papadimitriou who were thrilled with the idea and agreed on spot; they also suggested i got a leave from the army in order to be part of the set standing between the two of them, mixing the whole thing.

i had vague ideas of how intrusive i was going to be in what they did, but upon arriving in athens i realized that even they (up to the last minute) were not really very clear about who was playing what. In the end nicolas alternated between RRR-related noise and trashbin-variety 70s and 80s pop records from all over the map, while nektarios played some of his ultra-rare freakishly original exotic pop 7"s, and i was left with deciding on when to switch channels between weirdo songwriting and pure noise (adding a little spice of the brown noise variety along the way). That's half of the story of course, because after the "normal" sets of the first night we resumed our positions (with our friends ilan and dimitris joining in), quickly did away with any pop residues that were left in our system, and proceeded with a glorious full-on noise/equipment trashing/audience participation thing (see video in the previous post).

as i said though, this is not where this recording's from. this is from when i set-up my mixing board, 4-track, microphone and pedals along with the guys' 2 turntables. while everyone was elsewhere doing better things, i put on the first 2 records i could find, set-up some feedback on the board and ended up with this rough-but-charming intro to what was soon to take place that night