Sunday, August 2, 2009

syndromes sister overdrive, live recording

photo by eri skyrgianni

syndromes sister overdrive is the duo of myself (syndromes) & giannis kotsonis (sister overdrive). We played together for the first time as part of the 501/502 concerts that took place in athens and thessaloniki earlier this year; we performed in the athens concert. This was actually only the second time we played together (first time was the previous night at giannis' practice space), but the results were quite satisfying. Things are not always very stable with this duo, because we tend to process each others sounds a lot, but on this occasion i think we held back quite a bit and the music benefited as a result.

below is the recording of our set at kinky kong. The sound is a bit boxy, since it was recorded from a camcoder microphone, but i find it captures most of the music quite well

syndromes sister overdrive - live @ kinky kong, march 7, 2009

giannis kotsonis - audiomulch software, samples
kostis kilymis - mixing board, effects, field recordings, contact microphone

much thanks to nikos pastras for the backup recording